Puerto Banus News – San Wild Charity Dinner at Puro Beach, Marbella

April 13, 2012

Cecile Auersperg in collaboration with Coastfield projects organised a charity dinner on the 10th of April at Puro Beach! Charity dinner “San Wild” aim was to help the animals destined to “canned hunting”.

Just one of many “canned hunting” cases:

In May, 2007 a much-reported hunting trip involved the killing of 1051 pound pet pig in an alleged canned hunt. It was soon discovered that the pig, previously named “Fred” had been someone’s pet and was then soled to a hunting facility only a brief time before he was killed. On May 3, paying customers Mike Stone and his 11-year-old son, Jamison, hunted him in a 150 acres (0,61 km2) fenced enclosure. Jamison shot Fred a total of eight times over a period of three hours.The aim: To contribute towards the purchase of a piece of land, where rescued animals can live in a protected environment. For more info: www.sanwild.org   Among the attendees were Olivia Valere, Francisco Garcia, Saeko Hamada, Kristina Szekely, Manuel Gardena, Chris Newsham and many others.


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