Montserrat Caballé in Marbella

June 26, 2012


Famous for her roles in operas by the likes of Rossini, Bellini & Donizetti as well as the sublime hit “Barcelona” with
 Freddy Mercury, Montserrat Caballé hardly needed an introduction.

President of The Children for Peace Debra Mace,  explained to Marbella-Eye that all profits of the concert go to the Children For Peace NGO charity and that these will go on to fund various projects such as their orphanage in Ethiopia that houses children that are orphaned through HIV / Aids. The children themselves are thankfully not positive for the illness but have been left on their own. They also receive education at a private school through the Montserrat Caballé Education Scholarship for Ethiopia. Families that the NGO has “adopted” where the households are headed by widows of men who died of HIV/AIDS, have children who now attend private school on the same scholarship.

Actress Marisa Berenson was presented with an award for work in the charity field by Lamia Kashoggi and then promptly awarded it back to Debra Mace for just the same reason.

With Spain victorious in their Euro Cup match and the amazing celebrations that are Noche de San Juan, Marbella couldn’t have had a more fantastic evening.

Courtesy of Jonny Gates


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